President's Message

Joey Miranda

Welcome to the AACE Philippine Chapter official website! 


Indeed, the Philippines has come to embrace something new, something different after the national elections.  Some of us may like it, some may not but it is something we have to face.  

It is quite astonishing that this year’s winning battle cry for the national elections had to do with change and unintentionally, this year’s congress theme which was conceptualized 2 years ago is “Endocrine Revolution”.  Was it really meant to be or just pure coincidence? We don’t know.  All I can say is just “wow”!  If this year is really the time to change then so be it.  Let us all change for the better. Let us revolutionize our way of caring for our patients.  Let us revolutionize as to how we care for colleagues, our medical staff, and our corporate friends.   Simply put, let us make it better!

Excerpts from the President’s acceptance speech:

Endocrine Revolution
“Tonight is the start of a new episode of my career.  A career that my dear parents dreamed for me.  A path that I fully embraced since I entered in to preparatory medicine.  Never in my imagination that I will head a prestigious organization such as this.  AACE Philippine chapter. An organization that was built on a mix of everything and everyone but with a strong foundation of togetherness.”  

“……….I noticed something that you will only see when an event or a moment is captured and is kept still… in its stillness you see the emotions of each and every one of us.  From anger, fear, exhaustion, boredom, to amusement, excitement, happiness and hope.  It was through these 9 years of mixed emotions that AACE Philippines grew and became strong.  It had built a foundation. A strong foundation of friendship and respect which I am sure all of us will agree upon.”

“………..Beyond all this, what I can see in the membership of AACE Philippines is that we work together and we work as one. ……….”

“……..there will be fun days.  We will have our relaxing moments. We will have cultural immersions. If you think I have forgotten it? No way.  In AACE Philippines, it’s always fun, learning, and giving.”

“In AACE Philippines, we support, we respect, and we love each other.  Friendship emanates in all of us.  This is the character of this organization. This moves us to go up and that is what we intend to do.”  

“Before I end my speech, I would like to thank the following important persons in my life.  My parents who loved and raised me well. They sort of brainwashed me to be a doctor and I loved them for it.  To my sister Annie thank you for being my motivation and inspiration. To my friends who have been with me and supporting of my career, thank you.  To the following doctors who had a strong influence in my medical profession: Dr. Romeo Ariniego, he helped me realize the seriousness of being a doctor and to be at my best all the time this was during my medicine proper days and it stuck to my mind. To Dr Florina Kaluag.  I will never forget her help during my pre residency and residency days.  She had so much belief in me that I will succeed. I thank her for that faith in me.  To all my mentors in Fellowship training namely Dr Mae Sison, Dr Thelma Crisostomo, Dr. Jojo Raboca, and of most especially,  Dr Augusto D Litonjua who had been very significant in putting the finishing touches of my career, helping me in polishing my craft so as to shine bright and bring light.  To my kids, Breanne, Jacob, Jondel, and Jarron, you are my inspiration, you make my life easier to bear. And to my wife Anna. My source of strength, my guide, my beacon, and my love. Thank you. You will miss me sometimes this year so please bear with me.”

“AACE Philippines for the past 9 years without any doubt has already made an identity of its own. We have character of its own.  My dream for AACE Philippines is to see an organization that stands on its ground, an organization that prides of itself yet extends its hand rather than retracting it and an organization that may divided in opinion yet united in decision.”

“Thank you very much and have a great night.”

Jose Carlos S. Miranda, MD FACE
President 2015-2016