President's Message

Welcome to the AACE Philippine Chapter official website! 


August 15, 2014, Marriott Hotel, 2014 AACE Annual Congress

In 2008, During the First Endocrine Awareness Day held in Makati, I proposed the use of the acronym  “G.O.O.D.” or GOOD to stand for the more common endocrine diseases namely, Goiter, Obesity, Osteoporosis and Diabetes and make them more familiar to the general public. The GOOD Day continued to be the name of our endocrine awareness programs in the following years : in San Juan in 2009, in Quezon City in 2010, in Argao, Cebu in 2011 and in Puerto Princesa, Palawan in 2013. It was also used for our fundraising marathon called the GOOD Run at The Bonifacio Global City in 2011 and in Cebu in 2012. 

More than this acronym, G.O.O.D. being hopefully my lasting legacy to the AACE Phil. Chapter, allow me to continue to use this term as the theme of this year’s presidency.

G – GROWTH : The GOOD TOOLKIT  (Creativity, Competence, Resources)

As our organization grows, more opportunities are required to develop the competence and creativity of our members. This can be done first by continuing the conduct of regular endocrine updates during general assemblies which will include discussions in disaster preparedness among diabetics, as well as discussions of important non-endocrine issues such as the Mexico City Principles for Voluntary Codes of Business Ethics in the Biopharmaceutical Sector or more popularly known as the “Mexico Bill”.

Another tool that was just very recently presented to me by Dr. Gertrude Santos is the Thyroid Awareness Program for 2015. This program aims to continue the mother society’s important advocacy to spread thyroid health. The plan is to create a video presentation regarding the thyroid: facts & fallacies, signs & symptoms of common thyroid disorders & treatment options. This instructional video can also be used as a tool for the  AACE Phil. Chapter members for the education of their thyroid patients at their respective clinics and also as resource materials for simultaneous lectures to be conducted by the AACE Phils. members during the Thyroid Awareness Month celebration in January 2015.  I am told that the module that is presently being used in our Thyroid Awareness lectures needs to be fine-tuned to what our patients can better understand. Dr. Gertrude Santos, since this was your brilliant idea, I challenge you therefore, to pursue this advocacy. We look forward to helping you produce and circulate this thyroid video in the coming months. We also look forward to continuing the patient support programs that the AACE Phils has already been doing – i.e. provision of free thyroid and anti-thyroid medications to indigent patients

O – OUTREACH:  The GOOD OUTREACH (Compassion, Empowerment, Service)

In the Gospel of Luke we find the verse which says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

This organization has been blessed with compassionate and big-hearted members as well as loyal partners from the pharmaceutical companies who have supported not just our Annual Meetings but our various advocacies and programs through the years. We enjoin all of you therefore to help us conduct more GOOD DAYS or Endocrine Awareness Programs and Medical Missions throughout the country.

We will be continuing the legacy programs of our Past President, Dr. Gerry Tan – the Living with Diabetes program where free insulin supply for 1 year is provided to indigent patients- 1 patient per AACE-PC doctor/member. On top of the free insulins that our pharmaceutical partners will be providing, AACE-PC will be funding the purchase of the additional insulins that will be needed to complete this project.

Discussions with the pastoral team of my home church, the UCCP Ellinwood Malate Church,  are also being planned so that we can conduct GOOD DAYS among its community beneficiaries or sister churches. 

We will also expand  our POPTFN, or the Power of Prevention Through Fitness and Nutrition, to allow our corporate partners the opportunity for them to join us through their Corporate Social Responsibility, in educating the young minds of our Grade V elementary students about sound nutrition and healthy eating choices.

O – ORGANIZATION : The GOOD LINKS (Commitment, Collaboration, Accessibility)

The AACE Phil. Chapter will continue its commitment to collaborate with other organizations in promoting endocrine & diabetes health in the country in the spirit of collegiality.  We will be happy to work with anyone who is sincere in his or her desire to champion the cause of endocrine care in the country. The task is daunting and our patients need all the help they can get. This is a time to heal and work together for the good of our patients.

D – DEVELOPMENT:  THE GOOD CONGRESS (Endocrine Knowledge, Expertise, Credibility)

We will be continuing the legacy for which the AACE Phil chapter has been known  - the conduct of annual meetings and clinical congresses that are high-caliber, with a scientific  program that is fully-loaded.  On this note, I am happy to inform you that next year’s annual meeting will once again be a joint congress between the mother society and our local chapter, making the 9th Annual Meeting & Clinical Congress of the Phi. Chapter,  the 7th Joint Meeting of the AACE and the AACE Phil. Chapter. I am also proud to announce that we have invited no less than the Immediate Past President of the mother society,  Dr. Jeffery Mechanik, along with returning Dr. Houssein Gharib, another Past President of AACE, Dr. Pauline Camacho, Vice President of AACE who will then be President-Elect next year, and Dr. Samuel Dagogo-Jack, President-Elect for Medicine & Science of the American Diabetes Association to lead the roster of next year’s annual meeting.  In the previous years, we have had the Meet the Professors first from the Mayo Clinic 2 years ago then from the Cleveland Clinic this year. And since our speakers are either Past Presidents or President Elect of AACE and ADA,  next year’s Annual Meeting will  have the “Meet the Presidents” session, another first in the Philippines.  Aptly called, “The GOOD Chronicles”, next year’s Annual Meeting will present highlights, concurrences & controversies in the G.O.O.D. diseases.

And To the officers, directors and members of this chapter, we have been together for 8 years now -  EIGHT is a very significant number. EIGHT is the atomic number of oxygen, essential for human existence on earth. There are eight musical notes in an octave.  In human adult dentition there are eight teeth in each quadrant. The eighth tooth is the so-called wisdom tooth. There are eight cervical nerves on each side in man & most mammals. There are 8 beautitudes in the Gospel. Eight is a lucky Chinese number.  Significantly, Eight placed sideways appears like the infinity symbol. INFINITY - the quality of having no limits or end ; an indefinitely great number or amount.  Boundlessness; everlasting, foreverness, eternity, perpetuity. This is how I see this organization. On our eighth year, we shall be like the infinity symbol-  one continuous loop twisted once in the middle, though from our past experiences, it certainly feels like there are more than a few knots and kinks along the way. But like the infinity symbol, we are in one continuous loop; we will be, no, we ARE boundless, limitless, enduring, with an indefinitely great amount of zeal, motivated by our mission-vision, guided by the ideals and standards set forth by the mother society, unconditionally blessed by the Greatest Physician, the Ultimate Healer.

Ladies and gentlemen. Will you please join me in this adventure into finding the GOOD treasures that are inside all of us. Our profession awaits. Our patients remain. Our society challenges.

Let the GOOD journey begin.


Leilani Gail V. Magtolis, MD
President 2014-2015