Jimmy B. Aragon, MD FACE

Welcome to our 10th year anniversary! 


It’s been a decade since AACE Philippines was born. It’s an honor for me to stand witness on how it was conceptualized to how it has evolved as an organization in the past 10 years. I am excited as I anticipate what is in store for us in  the following years to come. 
As we are bound by common ideals, we hope to continue to offer excellent scientific updates in the field of diabetes and endocrinology, and provide community service coupled with building strong relationship with one another through fun and learning. 

How long is a decade? It may seem very short compared to 50 or 100 years … But for the learning, experiences, fun and friendships we have gained in the past 10 years,  it doesn’t matter whether one considers it short or long,  because it has truly been wonderful. We will grow together and gain more memories along the way. And as we grow older in age, knowledge and wisdom, I look forward to a better, stronger AACE Philippines, being able to contribute significantly to the welfare of our community and our patient’s well being. 

AACE is only as strong as each one of our members united together. To all the members of AACE  I thank you for being here…. For your cooperation, unwavering commitment and dedication.  

To our pharmaceutical partners, thank you for your unselfish support in our endeavors.  It is through your generous contribution/ help/support that we are able to transform our visions into realties! I hope that with great cheer, we  all continue to encourage one another and work harder  for a stronger  group.  Each one of you have contributed significantly to our  journey in the past ten years..  

In the next 10 years to come , I hope that we can all continue to work together towards a fun and learning experience every time we gather together, whether its POPTFN or a GOOD day or our annual convention or even just when we meet in other functions.  I know that there will be challenges ahead of us , but together, we can overcome every obstacle.  No man is too small, no effort is too feeble, no help is too nil. We greatly appreciate each and everyone of  you.  To All of you present here tonight, you are our guest of honors.  Welcome, relax and enjoy as we all celebrate together!

Jimmy B. Aragon, MD FACE
President 2016-2017