Reynaldo Rosales , MD, FCP, FACE


For more than 10 years I have seen how our organization has grown into a respectable organization and has kept on growing as a family. We work as a team as we try to fulfill our mission and vision, and we adhere to our core values of commitment, collegiality , compassion, creativity, and credibility. We have strength, NOT in numbers, but because of our strong foundation. 
We are  built on trust, we acknowledge one’s sensitivity, we have the sense of belongingness, age does not separate us from each other. Having a position will not give you an additional merit, there is NEITHER SIR nor BOSS, instead you are recognized as the unique individual that you are. We argue but we settle differences immediately and amicably
Everybody would agree that for every activity we have, there is always an AIR of HAPPINESS where we share joy and laughter and where we sway to any beat.
As a family we will grow together and continue to STRIVE for the BEST:

Reynaldo Rosales , MD FCP FACE
President 2017-2018