Robert Michael Gan , MD, FACE


AACE President Dan Hurley, Philippine chapter President Rey Rosales, Past presidents of AACE Philippines, Fellow Members, Friends, ladies and gentlemen…Good Evening.

Let my first words be an expression of thankfulness and appreciation for your presence this evening.  Now, that I stand before you I could feel some nervousness – my voice is trembling as I speak.  Am I ready?  I would like to think that probably the responsibility of the presidency is one that is unnecessarily stressful, worry-filled, troublesome, and demanding.    As I accept the position of president, I ask for your generous support, understanding and prayers.

Let me share our plans for 2018-2019:

  1. Activities
  1.  Power of Prevention Through Fitness and Nutrition
  2. Endocrine Awareness (GOOD Day/GOOD Outreach)
  3. Diabetes Awareness Week
  4. 13th Annual Convention
  5. General Assembly, CME Updates, Non –CME lectures

       II. Special Projects for Charity

  1.  Thyroid Indigent Program
  2. Living a Life with Diabetes Program
  3. Fundraiser

Most of these projects are on going which I was involved since Day 1.  I watched it grow successfully and I’m encouraging all AACE Phil members to participate in our activities where we can continue to improve our programs and enhance camaraderie amongst ourselves.

The Power of Prevention Through Fitness and Nutrition (POPTFN) will be on its 10th year.  Its time to revisit and update the module to meet the current times.  We plan to visit more schools and share this program with them.

Endocrine Awareness or the GOOD Day. This has been always fun and heart warming to our Filipino brothers.  This will be held on December 2018.  Again, we will have a GOOD Outreach.  There will be a lecture on GOOD –Goiter, Obesity, Osteoporosis, and Diabetes to promote awareness as well as sharing goods to our less fortunate countrymen.

Diabetes Awareness Week – we will bring this program back and work with the Diabetes Center Philippines.  The AACEPC Diabetes celebration will be held in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

Annual Convention – we will prepare interesting topics for our continuous learning and arrange to have another powerhouse line up of speakers – both foreign and local.

I encourage everyone to attend all our general assemblies and CME updates – this will bring our AACE family together for more fun and learning.

Our current Specialty projects will continue. The thyroid indigent program and Living a Life with Diabetes Program – we have already helped several indigent patients with such programs and will continue to do so…

Get ready for our fundraising project this year – T-shirts for life.  This will serve as part of the endocrine awareness event as well as a fundraiser for our POPTFN projects

Before I end, I would like to Thank my family - Carol my wife n Caitlin my daughter for their understanding and also..... Let me take the opportunity to acknowledge the fantastic and adorable initiatives that were undertaken by the past presidents.  Indeed, all of you are an inspiration.

To our members, lets continue to work and have fun .  As we always say - Its more Fun in AACE Philippines

To our friends from the Pharmaceutical company and non-pharma groups.  Thank you so much for being part of this group…..all of this would not be possible without your endless support

Thank you to the heart and soul of our AACE Family - Jing,Rex, and Joel

So, Am I ready? of course, because I have all of you!!!

If you would recall, this was the AACE house of Dr Rey Rosales during his presidential speech.  He emphasized the AACE Family.   Some would be out of the house , some would be inside the house.  Depending on where you want to be.  We have different views, different arguments, different roles….

The truth is, a family when its working right is a lot like an orchestra.  Everyone plays a certain part, but when it all comes together - it makes a beautiful symphony .

God bless AACE Phil, God bless us all!!!


Robert Michael Gan , MD FACE
President 2018-2019